Squareneck and Roundneck Resonators

     While there are many similarities between Round and Squareneck resonators, they are in fact two very different instruments.  Squareneck resonators are played in the lap steel style, as the guitar sits on the players' lap and is played with finger picks and a bar or "steel", while Roundneck resonators are played in the same position as traditional guitars.  

    It is a common misconception that a roundneck resonator can be made to sound like a squareneck. The truth is that the differences in set-up, construction, and necessary playing technique make this impossible.  While a roundneck resonator is certainly ideal for playing bottleneck/slide guitar, it is unrealistic to expect the same tone, response, or character as a lap style squareneck resonator.  Indeed, there is somecrossover of technique between the two instruments, however guitar players looking to make the jump from roundneck to squareneck guitar should expect a learning curve.

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