How to ship a guitar:

A few notes to start

-Head to your local music store and ask them for a guitar box. They throw them away everyday!  Free box!

-Always, Always...(get it?) ship your guitar in a hard shell case.

-Provided your guitar is structurally sound, it is not necessary to de-tune it for shipping.

You will need  
-soft paper towels

-Packing paper, styrofoam, or bubble wrap

-Corrugated card board box 20x8x50, Uline S-4922 or similar

-Packing tape

-Instruction sheet for required work including return address w/email and phone

1. Crumple 23" x 3' sheets of packing paper and drop into bottom of box  

2.Crumple small sheet packing paper and put in the accessory pocket if you have anything in there (although we recommend not sending anything not needed to complete work) to keep items from jarring loose and damaging finish.  

3. Support the headstock below with packing paper and cover face of head shock with a soft paper towel

4. Crumple packing paper and create a "nest" for the headstock that will keep it from moving up or down.  

5. Cut 4 or 5 pieces of corrugated cardboard into 2" w x10" strips and create a approx.. 1/2"- 3/4”  thick bar of cardboard. Tape together and cover with a very soft paper towel and slip under the strings. Just cover the sound holes (to keep rings from coming loose and marring finish). It should be firmly but not forcefully fitting.  

6. Create a mushroom cap shape with packing paper and fit over the tailpiece.  

7. The case should close with a little, but not alot, of resistance... don’t over pack.  

8. loose parts?   Good !  

9. Place case in box, lower bout down, and settle on paper dropped in during step one.  

10. Orient case in box pushed to one side and fill void with crumpled packing paper  

11. Seal box top (once)   

12. Shake.. no movement? Good !  

13. Continue to seal box.  

14. Insure for appropriate value  

15. Please call if you have any questions.

16. Ship to:  Beard Guitars

                     21736 Leitersburg Pike

                     Hagerstown, MD 21742


16. Email with shipping date and tracking number                                              

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