Beard Guitars is pleased to introduce the Retro-Phonic™ series of resonator guitars with its premier model, the art Deco "LIGHTNING BOLT". A combination of wildly innovative design and superb craftsmanship creates a new, distinctive, powerful resonance sound. The soulful sounds can be attributed to a ground-breaking design of a rear loaded, specially treated resonator assembly, skillfully blended with a P-90 magnetic pickup and the Fishman Resonator pickup. By bringing out both discrete signals through a single jack, you can control the range of sounds from a rich, mellow, fat and warm guitar to a screaming bluesy resonant slide guitar or an infinite combination of both. On the dirtier side of the tracks, the Lightning Bolt can produce full and throaty lows with blues breaking sustain, while generating stinging slides for the bottleneck player. Solid maple or mahogany top, back, and sides; back-loaded resonator design, 25" scale, ebony fretboard, P-90 neck pickup and Fishman resonator pickup. See Retro- Phonic™ Model Specs here