In addition to building fine resonators, Beard Guitars also specializes in the set-up, repair, and maintenance of resonator guitars and many other stringed instruments. 

    A Beard set-up will bring out the best in your instrument.  Let us install a new Legend™ Cone, #14 Spider™, bone nut and ebony topped bridge, and set-up your Dobro, National Resonator, or other resonator for optimal tone and playability.

    Over time, regular playing and simple string tension will begin to diminish the tone and playability of a resonator instrument; cones lose their bounce and become less effective, bridge inserts and nuts become worn, changing the overall response of the instrument.  Trust Beard Guitars to help you shake off the dust and keep the "Mojo".  For a few maintenance tips, see our FAQ page.

    Need a pick-up installed?  In addition to the Fishman Nashville Spider-style Resophonic Pickup, we have many options for spider-bridge and biscuit style resonators. 

    Here at Beard Guitars we are fully equipped for the all out restoration of fine instruments.  Let us bring that old guitar back to its former glory.

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