Resonator Cone Care

Jerry Douglas' annual Legend Cone™ replacement

Jerry Douglas' annual Legend Cone™ replacement

    Over time, aluminum resonator cones begin to lose volume and tone.  This is due primarily to metal fatigue (caused by consistent string tension and vibration) and surface oxidation (think rust on steel).  We recommend cone replacement after 2 years of regular playing.  Pro players like Jerry Douglas replace their cones at least once a year.         

      One sure way to get the best out of your BC-1 or Legend Cone™ is to keep it clean.  Not only will dust and lint build up kill the tone of your resonator, it also speeds up the oxidation process.  We recommend Beard Resolution™ polish, specifically designed for metal and wood.

 A Note on tension screws

    An improperly adjusted tension screw will not only kill the tone of your resonator but in the worse case, damage your cone!  The cone should only have 1/4 to 1/2 of a turn of tension on it total, with the strings tuned to pitch.

   Install the cone with the screw through the spider and tighten just until the head of the screw touches the top of the spider with NO tension on the screw. This is the starting point for the tension adjustment.   The spider sits on the cone and the screw is just there to add a little tension.  It is not there to hold the spider on the cone, (the string pressure does this).  Do not use the spring that comes with most import cones that may be in your guitar! Throw the spring away, it serves no purpose!

    After stringing the guitar and tuning it to pitch, you can adjust the screw.  You may have to tighten the screw down until the head of the screw touches the spider again as the cone sinks with string pressure.  From this point, tighten the screw 1/4  to  1/2  of a turn.

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