Beard Body Shape Comparison

The R Body Shape is the smallest of the Beard Guitars line.  It produces the clear sustained highs and punchy low- end
associated with a traditional Dobro sound.  The Beard R, Vintage R, RF, Tut Taylor™, and RFB Models have the R body shape.


R Body Shape- Measurements-Upper bout- 10 1/2"
                                                  -Lower bout- 14 1/8"
                                                  -Waist- 8 5/8"
                                                  -Body Depth- 3 5/8"
*Tut Taylor Model 27™            -Body Depth- 3 1/2"
Construction- Traditional open soundwell construction.  Click for Model comparison.

E Body Shape-  Measurements-Upper bout-10 3/4"
                                                   -Lower bout-14 1/4"
                                                   -Waist- 9 9/16"
                                                   -Body Depth- 3 7/8"
Construction- Full body open construction.   
                        Click for model comparison        

Designed by Paul Beard in 1987,  the E Body shape and its open body construction produce the stellar tone and response Beard is known for. Designed for both the traditional and modern player, the E body shape provides perfect balance across the treble, mid, and bass ranges. The Beard E, E- Odyssey™, B, Mike Auldridge and Jerry Douglas Signature Models all have the E Body Shape.

A Body Shape- Measurements-Upper bout- 10 3/4"
                                                  -Lower bout- 15"
                                                  -Waist- 9 1/4"
                                                  -Body Depth-3 7/8"
Construction- Full open body construction.

The A Body Shape is Paul Beards take on the classic acoustic Jumbo.  It boasts a unique sound to go with its shape.  Built for versatility, the A
Body Shape can sound like an acoustic guitar but also maintains the response, power and tone of a resonator.  Sustained ringing trebles and a truly awesome bass end are balanced with a singing mid-range.  Only the Beard A- Odyssey™ has the A Body Shape.