Heres Mike playing #426 with the Seldom Scene circa 1983/ 1984.

Here it is folks!  A true piece of bluegrass history!  The late, legendary Mike Auldridge's 1935 Regal/ Dobro #426.  This legendary guitar is being sold to benefit Mike's estate.

* Note: This is the last of Mike's personal guitars that will be made available to the public.

"I acquired this guitar in 1975 from a friend of mine named Grady Jones, who also sold me my #401 Regal. Grady was involved with the reformation of the Dobro Company in the 1960's. I was told by Ed Dopera, of the Dopera Brothers that this guitar was made in Chicago in 1935, soon after The Regal Guitar Company was licensed by Dobro to begin manufacturing resophonic guitars , some sold with the Regal logo, some sold with the Dobro logo, as were numbers 401 and 426.  Judging from these two guitars were made within the same week in 1935."   Mike Auldridge