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"The tone and balance of the Mike Auldridge Signature Beard resonator is superb... the perfect guitar in every way in my opinion, or I would not have my name on it.  I use this guitar exclusively for all my work in the studio and on the road.  This is the best resophonic guitar I've ever heard for any price period!"  Mike Auldridge  


 In close collaboration, Mike Auldridge and Paul Beard created these stunningly beautiful, extraordinary guitars which combine unsurpassed artistry in design, construction and ornamentation. Both of these models feature LEGEND TONE™ tuned construction. The MA-6 produces the distinctive Mike Auldridge signature sound... A huge, warm low end, with a sweet, crystal clear, bell-like high end, being perfectly balanced in between with awesome sustain. Available in original Black, Tobacco Burst and Red Burst finishes. Mike Auldridge Signature Specs here