Healthy Strings!

  The finest resonator in the world will never play or sound to its full potential without proper string maintenance!  Paul Beard recommends a change of strings every 2 weeks for a player, playing 20-30 mins a day.  Though for more aggressive players, string life can be half this.  Bare in mind, pro players typically change strings for every show, thats about 2 and half hours of playing time on a new set of strings. The third string, due to significantly higher tension, is prone to wear faster than the other strings and can require replacement more frequently.

     It is important to note that guitar strings do have a shelf life.  When purchasing strings in bulk we recommend buying a maximum of a 6 month supply, as strings will begin to lose quality after this point.

    Dust and moisture will dramatically affect instrument sound and string life.  Wiping strings down with a soft, dry cloth after playing can help you get the most from your strings.