Notes on  Fishman Nashville Pick-up Install

TheFishman Nashville Series- Spider bridge- Style Resophonic Pick-up

Note:  Both Fishman and Beard Guitars highly recommend professional installation.

1.  The "hot" wire (inside or center black wire) gets soldered to the smallest tab on the jack.  The other two tabs are not used.                    

2. The "ground" (outside braided) wire gets soldered to the ground lug (Small "J" shaped tab on the ground body).  Make sure you slide the threaded barrel over the wires before you solder so that you can close up the jack assembly when you are finished. This helps ground the pickup wiring system.

3. The long braided ground wire should touch the tailpiece.  To do this, drill a small hole under the tailpiece footprint in the butt of the guitar.  Feed the ground wire through the hole and bend it over so that the tail piece, when installed, will come into contact with the ground wire.  It will be held in place when you tighten the strap button screw.
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