Designed specifically for resonator guitars with the Hipshot Doubleshot™ installed, the new TKL Extra Deep Deluxe Hard-shell Case offers a full 5 " of depth (a full 1" deeper than our standard case).
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"I designed the original Beard Capo over 25 years ago and I felt like it was time to to revisit my ideas for capo design.  The Beard Wave™ Capo, unlike other resonator capos on the market made from brass, is machined from steel.  The tone from steel is much crisper and cleaner than that of brass.  Steel provides a longer effective life than brass.
The mass of this design provides excellent sustain and the contoured shape keeps the capo from interfering with your playing.  The large precision tension knob ensures the capo in not too loose or too tight, is easily used with one hand and will fit both 6 string and 8 string squareneck resonators."  Paul E Beard
The Wave™ Capo is available in Chrome, Gold, and Black finishes.
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When it is equipped with a newly developed HIPSHOT DoubleShot tuning tailpiece, as used on stage by Jerry Douglas. Imagine a world where you can change the tuning of your whole instrument mid-lick with the flip of a lever. Passages that were impossible before would become second nature. Effortlessly, musically, and inconspicuously change from open G to open D or from open F to open G (and beyond!). It's like having two instruments in one! A world of possibilities will open up for you. Developed and manufactured in the U.S.A by HIPSHOT, the DoubleShot system uses a three component system to provide unequalled tuning stability.
-The TAILPIECE is a custom designed mechanism made from polished aluminum and stainless steel, that allows one tuning to be set at the headstock while the second tuning is set with the thumb screws on the tailpiece. To move between them, simply lift the lever and all strings quickly and accurately change to the second tuning. Move the lever back and all strings move back to the original tuning.
-The ROLLER NUT minimizes friction, allowing for accurate tuning transitions.
-The LOCKING tuners clamp your string as you tune so that no slippage occurs during the transition. This also allows for faster string changing as no post wraps are necessary.
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Reminiscent of vintage 1930s biscuit resonators, the Beard RFB Model is perfect for the player looking for that classic punchy, loud tone.  Perfect for blues, ragtime and gypsy style players!  The RFB features the hand- spun Beard 9.5" biscuit cone and the Fishman Nashville Series Biscuit Style pickup.  Click here to see the RFB Gallery