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New Optional Coverplates
Beard guitars is proud to announce
their new optional coverplates...

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Paul Beard, Mike Auldridge Interview on
Beginning January 14 - Join Katy Daley for Resonator Guitar 101 with Paul Beard, owner of Beard Guitars in Hagerstown, Maryland. Katy Daley hitched a ride with Mike Auldridge on his recent trip to Hagerstown, MD to play some finished Beard/ Auldridge model guitars. Katy and Jen Hitt toured Paul Beard's shop and found out just how much design and technology goes into instrument making. This special program also air on WAMU's Bluegrass Country beginning 1/14 (at 6pm) through 1/26. Click on "Schedule Changes" in the left hand column of for additional BGC air times.

New Beard Guitars Webstore!!!
Beard Parts and accessories can now be purchased directly off of the web...

Check out the Guitars In Stock...
section of our website for new Beard
and Goldtone Resophonic Guitars


The New E model Cutaway
Beard Guitars is introducing a new
version of the ever popular
E Model resophonic guitar...

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Beard Guitars Website
10/2006 has been
completely redesigned
to help you...
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