2014, what a year!  In addition to building some great resonator guitars; we saw some exciting developments. 

   The Fishman Nashville Series Biscuit style pickup was released, finally bringing the same top-notch amplification to the biscuit style bridge resonator as we've heard from the original Fishman Nashville Series Spider Bridge pickup.  This brings with it some new and exciting building opportunities for us in 2015!

   Developed by the folks at Hipshot and Paul Beard the Hipshot Doubleshot™ is now available for purchase and installation.  The first of its kind, developed for resonator guitars; the Doubleshot™ allows the player to easily shift between two different tunings, mid-set or mid-song!  Check it out here!

    Beard Guitars also added two new members to our team last year.  Dennis Mickley is our new Director of Communications and Artist Relations bringing with him years of experience.  Barack is our newest luthier on the crew, a talented woodworker and player.  We are excited to have these two guys with us heading into the new year.

    2015 will mark Beard Guitars 30th anniversary!  Paul and all of us are looking forward to another great year of building and innovation!


   Here are just a few of our stars from 2014!!