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National Thumb Pick

White plastic
small                       NTS-31                        $.80
medium                  NTM-32                       $.80
large                        NTL-33                       $.80

Tortoise Shell (plastic)
small                       NTS-172                     $.80
medium                  NTM-173                    $.80
large                        NTL-174                    $.80

Herco Thumb Pick Blue plastic
medium                  HTP-34                      $.50

Dobro Thumb Pick Clear plastic
medium                  DTP-97                      $.80
large                        DTP-99                     $.80


Finger Picks

National Finger Pick
.025 metal, nickel
NFP-28                                $2.15

Kyser Finger Pick

.025 metal like old style Nationals
KYP-29                                $.90

Dunlop Finger Pick
.025 metal
nickel DFP-30                   $.80
brass BDP-65                   $.80

Mini pick, smaller .025 metal pick
nickel SDP-149                $.80
brass SDP-170                 $.80

White plastic
med DPW-93                    $.80
large DPW-100                $.80

Tortoise shell (plastic)
med DTP-94                     $.80
large DPW-101                $.80

Dobro Finger Pick Clear plastic
med DPC-95                    $.80
large DPC-96                   $.80


Golden Gate Flat Picks
Rounded triangle pick, ideal for mandolin and guitar.
.058” Thick TSP-175                 $1.25

Standard Tear Drop Guitar Pick
.055” Thick FSP-125                 $1.25

Large triangle Guitar Pick
TSP-325                                       $1.25

Round quarter size pick for mandolin and guitar.
RSP-375                                      $1.25


Propik Reso Finger Picks

Nickel Silver Single Wrap
small PPS-322                          $2.50
medium PPM-108                    $2.50
large PPL-109                          $2.50

Brass Single Wrap
medium PPM-110                   $2.50
large PPL-111                         $2.50

Nickel silver split wrap
small PPS-321                        $2.50
medium PPM-164                  $2.50
large PPL-165                        $2.50

Brass split wrap
medium PPM-166                 $2.50
large PPL-167                       $2.50


D’Angrea Thumb Pick

White plastic
medium DAM-44                     $.80
large DAL-45                            $.80

Clear-blue plastic
large DAC-171                         $.80


White plastic
small DTS-41                          $.80
medium DTM-42                    $.80
large DTL-43                           $.80

Tortoise shell (plastic)
medium DTP-150                   $.80
large DTP-151                         $.80

Heavy Ivoroid
medium DIM-198                     $1.00
large DIL-199                            $.1.00

Heavy Calico
medium DCM-196                   $1.00
large DCL-197                         $1.00

Dunlop Lefty Thumb Pick

White plastic
medium DLT-102                     $.80
large DLT-103                           $.80

  Golden Gate Thumb Pick

Grained Ivoroid
small GIS-57                       $1.25
medium GIM-58                 $1.25
large GIL-59                       $1.25

medium GPM-60               $1.25
large GPL-61                      $1.25

large GML-62                     $1.25

Extra heavy Pearloid
large GXH-106                   $1.50
    Zookies Thumb Pick
Three angle tip options: 10o, 20o, & 30o. Allows the blade of the pick to come into full contact with strings.

White plastic
ZM-10                          $1.20
ZM-20                          $1.20
ZM-30                          $1.20

ZL-10                          $1.20
ZL-20                          $1.20
ZL-30                          $1.20
      Propik Thumb Picks

Metal/plastic thumb pick
small PPS-112                   $4.00
medium PPM-113             $4.00
large PPL-114                   $4.00

Metal thumb pick
medium PPM-339             $4.00
large PPL-340                   $4.00

Propik Finger-Tone
Finger-Tone picks are designed especially for fingerstyle guitar playing. They provide the same pure sound as natural fingernails, but without the hassle or maintenance. Finger-Tones innovative design lets your fingertip touch the string. Completes the stroke. The durable metal tip produces a clear, solid tone.

Nickel silver split wrap
medium PPM-182 $3.50
large PPL-183 $3.50